Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crusading into the '90s

During the late '90s, when the house music movement was loud, vivid and wide (crowdwise) I was in my very early twenties (ahhh... good times), which means I had about 100 times greater will to party and go clubbing than today. The good thing about that period in time is that I had a really good time enjoying music and socializing with people that seemed to be in the same (music) frame of mind - that of course was nothing but an illusion, as from what it seems most of them were partying back then for a number of reasons BUT the music. The bad thing is that due to my youth and the simple-mindedness of that age (and a pretty bad internet connection) I wouldn't search the music further from the track I was listening and enjoying. I wouldn't search for the original tune, the primary artist and the initial idea and inspiration. It wasn't until years after that I started diggin' into the disco tunes, bands and artists that put their signature in the music history of their time and left all these amazing samples that still inspire people to generate new music and ideas.

I realized that quite recently, while I was listening to a Todd Terje edit on the Crusaders track "My lady". Actually, I was listening to the edit below.

I then remembered the Cricco Castelli - Life is changing track which would set fire on the dancefloor and then I had another hit by a storming tune of the days: Topazz - New Millenium. And then BANG! Felt like a slap in the face in both cheeks when I became aware of the fact that I had no idea about the Crusaders' sample while I was dancing to the Cricco Castelli tune in the late '90s.

Then I played the original song over and over again as a tribute. I may be old, but I'm wise now. Cheers.

tracks' info:
-The Crusaders - My lady 
Street life
MCA Records 1979

-The Crusaders - My lady (tangoterje edit)
Todd Terje: An Anthology - Weighed & measured 2010 

-Cricco Castelli - Life is changing
Aroma 1998

-Topazz - New Millenium
Overdance! 1999

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