Sunday, June 02, 2013

Feeling a little deviant

Unless you spent the previous night drinking like there’s no tomorrow or headbanging in a concert or a club, then you probably don’t wanna die right now. Let’s celebrate the achievement of getting through a Saturday night intact -and maybe say goodbye to a few brain cells that didn't make it when you had that 3rd beer- with some good music.

Sunday is the day I usually enjoy sets or radio shows, as I have the time to relish them with no breaks. I am quite fond of the Disco Deviance Pulse Radio Shows - I suggest you play them one by one - and the last one (Beaten Space Probe & Dicky Trisco mix - free download) I heard really got me going.

Disco sounds and edits that are just what you need on a day you want to relax, take your mind off of things and indulge in music either solo or with company. While listening to it, I almost cried to the “Let no man put asunder" edit (which, sadly, I don't know what it is, although I can imagine) and then the slapping bass and the piano of the "Neat Disco" finished me off. But what really did the trick for me and gave me a teeny-tiny stroke was the "High Speed connection" track as Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco have imagined it. I was always crazy about the original track from B.T. Express and I equally loved the Phats and Small inspiration back in the days, but this one left me with an open-mouth and nothing to say. I think I'm having a Sunday morning fever.
tracks' info:
-First Choice - Let no man put asunder
Salsoul Records 1977

-Future feelings - Neat disco
File under disco 2012

-B.T. Express - High Speed Connection (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco edit)
Disco Deviance 2010

-B.T. Express - Does it feel good
Columbia 1980

-Phats and Small - Feel good
Now phat's what I small music
Multiply Records 1999 

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