Friday, May 31, 2013

My kind of Friday

It's Friday, it's summer, it's sunny as hell and it's amazing. You have 2 choices: you can either continue with your work, get back home in the afternoon, eat, rest, go for a quick drink at night and hurry in bed for a good night sleep or you can add up cruisin' tunes to your day starting right now and keep it unreal.

My wicked tunes for today:

GQ-Lies (Theo Parish Re-Edit)
Bassline to die for.


DeeJMD - Unexpected
You can always french it up.
(free download here)

Disko Cream - Right now
Not later. Right now.

Jazzy Jens - I want you
 Hell yeah.

Breakbot - Break of dawn (DFP boogie dawn mix)
Unfailing, kickass combination.
(free download here)

Disco Ball Stars - Knock me out (Deep&Disco edit)
Are you knocked out yet?

Le Frank 'O - Keep on gettin' down
Nothing to add here.

Whatever you do, dress it up with music. And feel it.

tracks' info:
-GQ - Lies (Theo Parish Re-Edit)
Ugly edits Vol.7
Ugly edits 2004

-DeeJMD - Unexpected
Disco Motion Records 2012

-Disko Cream - Right now

-Jazzy Jens - I want you
Basic Fingers 2012

-Breakbot - Break of dawn (DFP boogie dawn mix)
Ed Banger Records 2013

-Disco Ball Stars - Knock me out (Deep&Disco edit)
Disco Ball Stars Vol. 1 
Disco Deviance 2012 

-Le Frank 'O - Keep on gettin' down
M M-M Gold 1978 

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