Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nothing wrong with groovin'

Don’t you just love it when you have a favorite song and you feel like it’s only yours and the world doesn’t know and doesn’t care about it, because they ‘d rather listen to Lady Gaga or that other chick, Lana Del Ray or whatever? Yeah, you love it. But the greatest part is when you listen to that favorite song of yours, outside in public, out of the blue, in a bar or a club or a place where someone else selected and pressed play to it and not you. Something that doesn't happen often for me and when it does, I find myself thinking that this world as we know it, may be coming to an end.

A couple of months ago I attended a street culture bazaar with handmade creations, helping a friend (Rthens) set up his stand and showcase his inspired jewelry -actually I attended this Street Culture Bazaar, which I hope I ‘ll get a chance to attend again in the future, cause I really enjoyed it. Sunday night and as the bazaar was coming to an end, people were packing up their stuff, maybe having one last beer and trying to get a ride home, this song filled the whole place.

Absolutely nothing changed when that happened, people continued to pack their stuff, have one last sip and search for a ride mate, except for one person (guess who) who almost had a heart attack with the first notes. I adored that song from the very first time it caught my attention from the Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay - Desert Island Mix and I believe I’ve never had the pleasure to catch this tune out in a public place from the selections of a dj. Till that minute.

The world is still there, but I must admit I had a moment. My moment.

Thank you espeekay for that moment.

(Don't forget to push the play -or the free download- button to this, from espeekay's soundcloud page, to enjoy his... mating rhythms)

tracks' info:
-Letta Mbulu - What is wrong with groovin' 
Jazzman Records

also found in Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay - Desert Island Mix
Journeys by Dj 1997

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