Thursday, June 13, 2013

What love sounds like

The "I forget to eat, I look like stupid and all my friends are this close to denouncing me" love.

The "I've seen you picking your nose, eating like a pig, getting fat and smelling like a wet cow, but I still love you" love.

The "what the fuck have you done to me and I can't get enough of you" love.

 The "I want to funk you right now" love.

The plain and simple "Coz I love you, you piece of shit" love.

All of the above

tracks' info:
-Nelue - All my love (Nelue rework)
Nelue Reworks Vol.3
Groove Democracy 2013

-Kon & the Gang - Strong love (everlasting)
Basic Fingers 2012

-George Butts - I love you so much
I love you so much
K-Star Productions 1986

-J.P. Rodgers Jr. - I enjoy your love
Good taste in love
Inculcation 1982

-Butch - I love you
Sei es drum 2011

-Danny Hybrid & the Nufunk Allstars - Green Groove(Part 1 & 2)
A wild mad beat
Nufunk records 2006

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