Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will you?

I love the piano, I adore the female vocals, I worship Salsoul Records and I kneel before Logg. As a result, I' m with the 911 on speed dial when I turn on the volume to this.

In the same way, I have a thing for the John Morales version as well - actually, I think that this version came first to my ears and the original one was an inevitable tracing journey.

Having put this track in my all-time-favorites list, I search from time to time for an edit, another point of view on this beloved melody. And look -rather listen- what I found.

The piano, the vocals, the feeling, the atmosphere... it's all right there from the joining of powers of Fingerman and Funkyjaws - and it comes with a free download too.

More filters, more banging beat, more of a "get your ass up and start dancing" feeling from the Greek producer Christos "Da Afro".

Check them out. You 'll love them both.
I know you will.

tracks' info:
-Logg - I know you will
Salsoul Records 1981

-Logg - I know you will  (JM After-Session M&M Mix)
 The M&M Mixes: NYC Underground Disco Anthems + Previously Un-Released Exclusive Salsoul Mixes  
BBE 2009

-Logg i Know you will (Fingerman & Funkyjaws edit)

-Logg - I know you will (The C.A. Tone edit)

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