Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet Moplen

Surfing through the sounds of soundcloud I tripped into an Italian guy with a black cat hitched on his shoulder and several music heroes like Larry Levan, Joe Claussell, Chaka Khan, Dan Hartman, Frankie Knuckles on his list. When a person states that he considers Randy Muller and Nile Rodgers as his heroes (instead of Jean-Claude Van Damme or something), you ought to give him a chance -he deserves it. It seems I was right in this case and I also proved myself right when I was writing about how Italians do it well. This dude, who believes in music superheroes, just gave me some new favorite edits in the name of rhythm, funk and the holy disco.

I absolutely love what he did with the classic First Choice - Let no man put asunder (I can't even begin to think how many people this track has inspired)

and I believe it's been about half an hour with the Chaka Khan - Clouds edit on the repeat

Ok, one last time. I promise.

tracks' info:
-First Choice - Let no man put asunder
Salsoul Records 1977

-Moplen - Let no man put us under 
Let no man clash
Lumberjacks 10'' 2013

-Chaka Khan - Clouds
Warner Bros. Records 1980

-Chaka Khan - Clouds (Moplen classic mix)

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