Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two sides of a late train

Paul Murphy is in London. Quinn Luke is in New York. Along with Alex Searle, Patrick Dawes and Patrick Wood they've formed Paqua, a trans-Atlantic meeting of musicians, which I accidentally came across the other day as I was browsing through sounds. After repeating their last 12'' release ("Late train") a considerable amount of times that could easily send me to the doctor's office, I gave myself a pat in the back for the discovery, took a note so that I wouldn't neglect sharing it and here it is.

The groovy side of the train.

And the mellow side of it - I must say I loved this one teeny-tiny bit more.

As I was doing my regular search on the group, I found myself smiling after reading on the label's soundcloud page: "Claremont 56 is an independent label dedicated to releasing beautiful music". Simple as that.

tracks' info: 
-Paqua - Late train
Late train
Claremont 56 2013

-Paqua - We are what we are
Late train
Claremont 56 2013

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