Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If it ain't got soul, mute it

People say if you know what you 've got, you ain't got much. I say if you ain't got soul, you ain't got nothin'. So what's it gonna be?

Not exactly one of the tunes that someone would pick for a summer soundtrack. But that someone ain't me.

Written and sung by Natalie Cole and believed to be referring to Tina Turner, this song has got so much funked up soul, it hurts.

Nothing to do with Salt-n-Peppa. Sorry.

Young boy in a world without love can you see where you 're going?

No loser could ever love this one.

Fellas, if it ain't got soul, mute it. Otherwise it will mute your soul.

tracks' info: 
-Elvin Spencer - Lift this hurt
 Winner Records 1970

-Natalie Cole - Annie Mae
Capitol Records 1977

-Salt & Pepper - Man of my word
Heatwave 1969

-Jon Lucien - Search for the inner self
Ampex Records 1971

-Brothers of Soul - I guess that don't make me a loser
Boo Records 1968

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