Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bass stop

I have a thing for bass. Especially when it's slappy.

Slap in the face or what?

This track is part of a very long (more than 30 tracks), but awe-inspiring filter-lovin' LP, "Worlds apart" by Vostok-1: a spanish project, with a russian name that grooves on french house. Creative mix-up, don't you think?

It's also part of an amazing one-month old compilation of nu-disco and disco-house tunes, some more frenchy than others, entitled Paradisco Vol. 1 and released by Emincé De Musique. If you don't find favorites in this comp, then there's something that's not quite right about you searching through this blog.

All of the above, available for free download. Clicks on fire!

track's info:
-Vostok-1 - Depth of the Cosmos
Worlds apart 2013

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