Friday, July 05, 2013

Live vs. album version

In my early teens I wasn't very fond of concerts and live gigs. The reason was that I found the songs I loved perfect the way they were and I didn't want to have to hear them altered in a live version, where the voice wouldn't give 100% of its potentiality, where the crowd would clap their hands rhythmically (I still hate that in most occasions) and where the whole rhythm section would be even slightly different from what I had loved before. I could slap me in the face right now for this absurd point of view, but I was young. I didn't know.

If I could ever catch this live, I would certainly have one sheer moment of happiness. 

I would probably lose consciousness to this one.

I can't quite get how this miracle could come out of the original "Sparks", but I can imagine the faces of the people in the crowd when they first heard it live.

The vocals are essential in this one. And the live version kicks ass.

This ain't the end of the road. This is the beginning of a new one.

Well, what can I say? People change after all.

tracks' info:
(all live versions of:)

-Faze Action - Kariba
Moving Cities 
Nuphonic 1999

-Stardust - Music sounds better with you
Roulé 1998

-Röyksopp - Sparks
Melody A.M.
Wall of Sound 2001

-Parov Stellar - A night in Torino
A night in Torino EP
Etage Noir Recordings 2005

-Quantic Soul Orhestra feat. Alice Russell - End of the road
Tru Thoughts 2006

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