Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the all-nighters

Isn't it nice when all the others are sleeping, when the lights are off for everyone else, to be the one that gives the night another sense and meaning, other than that of snoring? To listen to your music in absolute peace, to share words or melodies with people you love, to share yourself, to live your dreams instead of dreaming them for a couple of minutes with your eyes closed -or to bang your mate like there's no tomorrow? I think it is. And these two seem to share this point of view. Well, what do you know...

This may remind you of something, as it uses the sample we've seen before in the "Sample it to death" post. This is the Yazid Le Voyageur take on the Aurra - You and me tonight track and can be found in the L.A. Girls compilation - or you can download it for free in the cloud above.

Ks French was a random discovery a couple of months ago. One of the edits that caught my ears by surprise was this one, inspired from the Mary Jane Girls - All night long. Perfect for a night ride - and with a free download available as well.

Summer night's breeze is a terrible thing to waste. Don't do it.

tracks' info:
-All night long (Yazid Le Voyageur edit)

-All night (Ks French'75 edit)

original tracks:
-Aurra - You & me tonight
10 Records 1986

-Mary Jane Girls - All night long
Mary Jane Girls
Motown 1983

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