Saturday, July 13, 2013

Splash with Plush

Get off your chair (that assprint on the seat can’t get any bigger), grab your bathing suit (even if it’s baggy and 100 years old), leave those four fucking, depressing walls behind (and paint them sometime for fuck’s sake), give your pc a chance to rest and turn it off (it's been months since the last time you actually clicked "turn off") and fill your usb stick/player/whatever with music that will make your heart fly around inside your body. Now shut the door behind you, kidnap your loved one or ones and spot the most crowded, loud and trendy beach near you. Found it? Pass it over. Somewhere near that, there must be a small bay only for you, your party and your music. Go from coast to coast and you ’ll find it. Sure thing.

(Doesn't it make absolute sense that René & Angela are involved in the production of this?)

tracks' info:
Plush - Coast to coast
RCA Victor 1982

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