Monday, May 06, 2013

Get Lucky with some help

Contrary to those who wore down the play button and hurt their index finger while pressing repeat to "Get Lucky", I think I’m gonna go with those who find the new single of Daft Punk kinda… humdrum (there I’ve said it).

Daft Punk have given tracks to the electronic music history that are pure diamonds ("Revolution 909", "High life", "Too long", "Burnin’", "Fresh", "Digital love" -for the hopelessly romantic- and loads of others) and make their new one seem just a mushy tune that can easily fit into a summer soundtrack cd, somewhere between… I don’t know... other boring tracks that make an average background mixtape – with background being the unwelcome key word here.

Another thing that colors this track in grey shades, as far as I’m concerned, is Pharrell Williams. He isn’t really in the list of  artists and musicians that are compatible to my ears and music background – although the Cassius - "Eye water" track had really got me going back in those days – don’t know why, don’t ask me. To be honest and fair, though, I don’t see myself liking this song more with another vocalist, so I won’t blame it on Pharrell.

All of the above made me start tracking down other versions that would be more satisfying - although it's still kinda early. In this search, I found that the Lifelike remix comes way closer to the Daft Punk sound we know and love, can fit just as well in a summer mood mixtape and most importantly slips away from the background sense, climbing up into the ears with more energy. It’s more in the Daft Punk spirit and I believe will make the disappointed ones slightly smile with nostalgia.

Enough with the words. Here you can find the Lifelike remix and here you can give another chance to the original version (Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers deserve it). I’ ll give one too. 

track info: Daft Punk - Get lucky (Lifelike remix)

Bonus: If you’re one of those who absolutely, utterly and completely loved “Too long” from the Discovery album, maybe you’ll find the version of D33P interesting. Listen or download it for free here.

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