Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Italians do it well

With Kano being one of the first pioneer groups to give italo-disco substance, you can’t but just trust the Italians – at least as far as italo-disco and pizza/spaghetti is concerned. And as “seek and you shall find” is one of the few inalienable truths in life, I had no choice but to keep searching for Italian grooves that would lead my music hard drives and my music collection one step further and closer completion – sense that we can never conquer, but there’s no harm in trying.

As you go back in the early ‘80s you can find tunes that can either leave you standing and staring at the wall with amazement as they are, in their original versions, or give the new producers food for samples and edits that will have the same effect (leave you standing and staring at the wall blah blah blah). One of the tunes which I recently discovered and definitely dazed me is Korja - My mind.

Although the Italian accent is even more obvious than Meg Ryan’s botox (kinda makes me laugh at some points I must admit), this track is A-1, it has the italian groove without sticking so much to the hard lines of italo-disco and while you ‘re at it, try to find the instrumental version, free of the heavy "r"s and "s"s. I'm on a search hunt too, I' ve only listened to it once, online.

One last thing about this track is that it's written by a woman, Kynsha (along with the collaboration of the Italian producer Michele Violante -Jago, Rainbow Team etc.-). Girl power!

track info: 
Korja - My mind
Flop Record 1981

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