Monday, May 27, 2013

Batman is Chic

Je me sens un peu française aujourd'hui. No, I don't mean I'd like to drink wine and eat foie gras (yak) or quiche lorraine, but I certainly feel up to getting through this Monday with a bit of filter-loving, disco-inspired french house music.

First track I played let Batman in. Lebatman is an Italian producer with a french touch, whose track "Le Batman!" started playing first thing in the morning. I love the main sample -keep reading or listening, you'll find out- but I also adore the Stargard - Wear it out sample which pops up and makes you think, you know, till you figure out what this sound reminds you of, remember the title and finally congratulate yourself for not having lost it yet after years of burnt brain cells.

One thing led to another and then I started playing the Alpha Snail remix of the same track (Alpha Snail is a 20-year-old producer from Chicago. In case you didn't get it, the guy is 20 years old). While it was bringing sheer pleasure to my ears, it reminded me of a track I used to utterly adore in the late 90s: Fafa Monteco - Bells Compressor. Inevitably, it came next on my playlist and then I decided to pay my respects to the track that gave life to all of the above (and several other remixes and edits like Dirty House Crew - Groovin', Todd Terje's edit, the Dimitri from Paris version, etc.)


You can download for free the Lebatman track here and his other tracks here

tracks' info:
-Lebatman - Le Batman!

-Lebatman - Le Batman! (Alpha Snail remix)

-Fafa Monteco - Bells Compressor
Danse avec les loups
Black Jack 1999

-Chic - I want your love
C'est Chic
Atlantic Records 1978

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