Sunday, April 28, 2013

The A.B. era

For me there's a B.B. and an A.B. era. The B.B. would be the Before Breakbot period in time, when if anyone would tell me "check out this set, half hour - 30 tracks", I would kindly excuse myself and start running to save me and my ears from a -without much doubt- lousy megamix.

The A.B. era began when I carefully listened to the Breakbot Sunday Selecta set on a Sunday morning - yeah, ironic, I know. Breakbot (Thibaud Berland) has so skillfully mixed 33 tracks in 33 minutes, that if I could describe the set with 3 words, they would be flow, flow and flow.

It's not only the mixing, of course, since Breakbot has given his magic touch to most of the tracks, but in general we have to admit it: this dude is wicked. Thank God (that is whoever put the tracklist together) the tracklist was right there, but don't expect to find the exact and whole original versions in the set - the tracks are "breakbotted".

Check out here for the tracklist and here for a free download.

Also, you might need to kiss your lazy Sunday goodbye. It ain't gonna be lazy after all, I promise you.

(personal favorite part of the set: when Kashif, Conway&Temple and Kwick "meet").

set info: Breakbot - Lazy Sunday Selecta - A mixtape for the sun

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