Monday, July 07, 2014

King and Queen of the Caribbean

In 1984 a Caribbean Queen was born and spread around the music world with the soothing voice of Billy Ocean. As a huge fan of Billy Ocean from a very early age when my older sister would buy all those "top hits" records of the '80s, this track was always among my young-age favorites.

I caught this tune the other day at a bar -a rather boring one, full of middle-aged, dull people, but with surprisingly enough good disco music that made me wonder if I'm that old as well and haven't realized it yet. It wasn't the original version, but a really skillful edit which I couldn't seem to find today, as I was searching for it. However, I caught this fine tune instead -offered with a free download-, which made up for my time of dead-end searching.

Really enjoyed the editing work of Tesla Boy here, although I must admit I'm missing the sax part of the song -I'd like a little bit more of it.

For those who ain't got no clue what we're talking about here, this is the original version of "Caribbean Queen" and this is Melba Moore's answer. If you've loved either of these two during the '80s, then I'm sorry I reminded you how old you are today :-) N'joy!

tracks' info:
-Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy edit)

-Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No more love on the run)
Jive 1984

-Melba Moore - King of my Heart
Read my Lips
Capitol Records 1985

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