Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miracle music

I don't believe in miracles. I believe in good, inspiring and forever lasting music sounding like a miracle.

This is the original version of "I believe in miracles" by the Jackson Sisters, which was co-written by Mark Capanni. He was the first to perform it in 1973 and a year later the Jackson Sisters sent it to the moon and back, something he didn't manage to do - this version however is awesome as well. Different kind of awesome, but still awesome.


Here's how Ramsey Hercules was inspired by Mark Capanni's tune which became widely known by the Jackson Sisters.

If you've got good base material, you can't lose. And Ramsey Hercules surely didn't lose. Neither did we.

tracks' info:
-Mark Capanni - I believe in miracles
Capitol Records 1973

-Jackson Sisters - I believe in miracles
Prophesy Records 1974

-Mark Capanni - I believe in miracles (Ramsey Hercules Edit)
Stereopor Records 2013

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