Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disco with a twist

Don't know about your summer, but mine ain't lookin' good so far. There are a few things, however, that keep me in high spirits when all point to the opposite direction. One of these is -take a wild guess- music. This compilation handpicked by Funk Hunk, ready to be released on July the 25th by Handshakes Records, easily managed to make me forget about shit going on, smile and start some finger snapping and shoulder moving when all else seriously failed.

I can't even begin to point out how many tracks in this compilation made me stop for a minute and enjoy. Really enjoy. (the Dopeshoes edit, oh-my-god).

Thank you Funk Hunk for putting this whole thing together and spreading the word. Thumbs up till they hurt!

*Find the whole thing here. Bet your thumbs will rise too.

VA - With a twist Vol.1
Handshakes Records 2014

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