Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sleazy lovin'

It's not been more than two weeks since its release, so it's fresher than half the content of my fridge. The best part, though, is not how fresh it is, but how AWESOME it is. And it is awesome, man.

It is one of those tracks that are exactly as they're supposed to be. One of those tracks that bring spring a bit closer to my soul. One of those tracks that grab my hand and take me to warm and cozy places. It clearly stood no chance of not being discovered and shared. Not even one in a million.

*Whatever you do, don't close this window without checking out SleazyMcQueen's soundcloud. This dude is surreal. And if you wanna listen to what inspired him in the first place, click here. Teena Marie is waiting right there...

tracks' info:
-Sleazy McQueen - Teeny Lovin
Back to the Roots
Whiskey Disco France 2014

-Teena Marie - I need your lovin
Irons in the fire
Motown 1980

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