Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feel-better soundtrack

When I was little, I had a certain cassette I would press play to the times I was feeling sad cause my brother would mess up all my toys, my sister wouldn't lend me her sweater, my friend at school wouldn't tell me her secret or my parents wouldn't buy me enough ice-cream. That cassette was, oddly enough, a compilation of classical music pieces and I believe I haven't sat down to listen to classical music since then -I really can't explain this choice of mine back then.

Later in my teenage years, where my ups and downs were similar to Space Mountain and my music taste would range from Doors to The Prodigy I would still make a weird choice for a teenager in the '90s. The music that would keep me company when I got the blues for a boy was oldies, stuff from the 50's and the '60s, rock'n'roll and doo-wop, uplifting sound -even if the lyrics were mushy and all.

The last soundtrack I had for difficult times was a speed garage compilation (this one to be exact) an old friend had given me, which I would always listen to in my early twenties. The energy and rhythm of this music would always absorb the bad stuff, so it suited me right. After that, I have no recollection of a specific feel-better soundtrack in my life.

The other day, as I was browsing through youtube and soundcloud, I came across a freshly uploaded set from DjJade who I must say I completely trust as far as filter house and quality is concerned.

I believe this is gonna be my new music shelter next time I feel like being with me, myself and I. Totally uplifting, but with a nostalgic touch and melody with rhythm that can make you move your body and seem weird, but don't give a shit about it.

Download it for free here, check out the playlist and have a good time with it. Whether you're up or down.

set's info: 
The DjJade - The Vibe

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