Wednesday, October 02, 2013

When Sabbath met daytime disco

Those who would sell their souls to the devil for Black Sabbath will probably loathe this one (good thing is that there's little chance they would hang around here, so we 'll hopefully have no victims).

This may be a huge surprise for you, but I ain't a Black Sabbath fan (talkin' about surprise or what). I've always paid my respects to Planet Caravan though, lovin' it from the first till the last note, either from Sabbath or Pantera, but I must say I would never have imagined it to be laying on the hands of Poolside, a duo that's more into the disco side of music. And you know how excited I get when things I can't imagine happen in music.

Check it out, download it for free if you want and give it a chance, even if you headbang to Sabbath every chance you get. Ozzy won't mind.

track's info:
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (Poolside rework)

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