Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Don't talk just dance

I have a weird situation here. I absolutely love the sound of this Chilly tune, I like the "self-ruling" main guitar, the intense synth sounds, the electric melody, the kinda dark atmosphere and I find that it drags you out of your chair the first few seconds.

What I don't like is the vocals - and that's a far from standard situation for me. It's like one of those times when a person talks and talks and talks and you try to concentrate on making him/her shut up without actually saying so, but it all goes down the drain. It's not that it has that many vocals, it's just that... why? However, I can still close my eyes and have my regular trip to this - likely to experience air pockets on the way though.

track's info:
-Chilly - Dance with me
For your love
Polydor 1978

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