Monday, November 04, 2013

Whispering love

The Whispers seem to have been spreading love since 1969. It's amazing how much and how intensly they refer to it and how many songs they have to embrace it - even Lionel Richie could scratch his head with embarassement facing all this love. The thing is I don't really care for love songs in the sense of romantic ballads with lyrics that make the teenagers around the world hug their pillow and start crying to the thought of their crush. But I do care for love songs that have pure soul and funk love up a little bit. And the Whispers know how to bring it on.

"It's a love thing"

Ok, put in 2013 all people see is funny moustaches, odd stylistic choices and droll choreography, but the track kicks ass.

"Fell in love last night (at the disco)"

No disco, no love.

"Keep on lovin' me" 

The choreography keeps on getting better and better - I enjoy it, really.

"Don't take your love"

This is how you can beg someone not to take his/her love away and still look cool. 

"Creation of love"

Good for the soul.

*Bonus: My favorite one from The Whispers on the hands of Ruben&Ra is offered with a free download (as long as you pay with a tweet or a fb post). Grab it here.

tracks' info:
The Whispers
-It's a love thing
Solar 1980

-Fell in love last night (at the disco)
Open up your love
Soul Train 1977

-Keep on lovin' me
Love for love
Solar 1983

-Don't take your love
Janus Records 1974

-Creation of love
Planets of life
Janus Records 1973

The Whispers - It's a love thing (Ruben & Ra Furry lover edit)
Ruben & Ra Retrospective 2013

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