Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mr. Murphy did it again

We've seen Claremont 56 again recently in the Paqua post, but I must admit I'm kinda hooked on this label these past few weeks. Those of you who did your diggin' must have discovered numerous tunes-to-die-for in Claremont 56's soundcloud page. I have too, that's why it makes it difficult for me to pinpoint just one, but this is what I believe fits today's mood perfectly.

Smooth, melodic, bittersweet and totally autumn-ish. Mudd & Pollard (with the over-busy Paul Murphy hiding behind this project as well, along with Kevin Pollard) had a really soothing inspiration here and Claremont 56 released beautiful music once again.

track's info:
Mudd&Pollard - Mawson's walk
Claremont 56 2013  

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