Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Over - Not Over

During her forties she felt so tired, she committed suicide. Before the period in her life that caused her to end it and spread grief to her fans, she managed to leave a legacy of 10 albums and numerous loved songs to many people, having collaborations with The Whispers, the Four Tops, while she insisted that she didn't wanna change the world - I'm not sure I believe her though. Phyllis Hyman that is, a beloved singer, songwriter and actress. And when you leave a legacy, people are bound to pass it on, honor it, respect it and sometimes maybe update it in a way that younger generations will be able to get to know it. That's what Australian Frankee More did with her song "Some way", (offering also a free download).

Which very well proves that nothing is over, even when everything points out it is.
tracks' info:
-Phyllis Hyman - Some Way
You Know How To Love Me
Arista 1979

-Frankee More - It's not over

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