Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 in 1

First heard of Keep Schtum through the Late Night Sessions. After having my regular goggle of surprise and enthusiasm, I spent a considerable amount of time browsing through this dude's sounds, getting a pretty good idea why Greg Wilson supports him, why he's got thousands of followers in soundcloud and why I goggled in the first place. For now, I 'll just give you 3 reasons to goggle too.

This is his widely-played track. Coming from my all-time favorite Odyssey and their homonymous 1980 track, "Hang together". And with a free download situation.

My basic idea was to present an all free-downloads post from the talented Irish, but I couldn't possibly leave the Whispers-inspired out. Enjoy anyway.

His unfinished symphony alive and kickin'. A Slow Train journey you never want to end.

*I'd strongly suggest to consider the above sounds as a trigger that will make you turn Michael McKenna's soundcloud page upside down, exploring and listening to sounds with a volume that allows you to really get the music - but at the same time keep you outta trouble with the neighbours. 

tracks' info: 
-Keep Schtum - Hang together (Keep Schtum re-edit) 
Keep Schtum 2008

-Keep Schtum - Can't do without love

-Keep Schtum - Slow train

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