Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Car-CD freak

The thing that got me excited the most when I passed the exams for the driver's license in my 18 years of age was that I would be able to listen to some decent music loud, without caring about the volume, the neighbours complaining, my brother or sister studying or my parents wanting to rest. The family car had new speakers at that time -my brother would always take care of these kinda stuff- so getting the freaking license in my hands meant primarily that I would be able to drive around listening to some damn music in peace and secondarily that I would see less and less the inside of a bus from then on. So I started burning CDs for my driving pleasure. Lots of CDs. So many that the glovebox would lean from their weight and all the storage spaces around would be filled day by day with nothing else but CDs. Up to this day, I have six or seven cases of CDs, with each one holding about 20 of them. And all these CDs are filled with mp3 files, so we're talking about approximately 14,000 tracks on my wheels. Why am I telling you all these? Cause today I wanted to listen to this, and I couldn't find it.

This is one of my old skool favorites, which I always remember in the first days of spring, cause it's one of those tracks that could define this sunny, full of ear-to-ear smiles, upbeat season. For me at least.

Spring and butterflies aside, I still have to get rid of some car CDs. The more you have in you car, the more likely you are to get bored to search them through and you get stuck with your recently burnt ones. Don't do the same mistake, people. Save yourselves.

track's info:
Full Intention - I'm satisfied
Dtension 2001

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