Thursday, December 05, 2013

Spiced-up O'Jays

In 1976 the beloved O'Jays dropped a Message in the Music which included the "Darlin' Darlin' baby" track for the hopelessly romantic (and -let's face it- kinda mushy ones) out there. More than 30 years later, this sweet tune fell in the hands of JKriv, who did some work on it and came up with this.

I think I'll stick with this one for now, turn the volume up a little and honor the sound of the O'Jays, with a little spice of the nowadays. And then I'm gonna go with this one, a favorite track from Alan Dixon's dubby point of view.

And then I'll probably smile like the corny bastard that I am.

tracks' info:
-The O'Jays - Darlin' darlin' baby
Message in the music
Philadelphia Internation Records 1976

-The O'Jays - Darlin' darlin' baby (Deep&Disco re-work)
Philadelphia International: the re-edits
Harmless 2012

-The O'Jays - I love music (Alan Dixon Dub) 

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