Saturday, December 21, 2013

Classic L.A.

L.A. isn't all about glamour and show-off. Ok, maybe it is, but it seems that they can also make good music out there, fact proved by Classixx this time, several months ago, when they released their Hanging Gardens album. Michael David and Tyler Blake (formerly known as Young Americans) is the classic -oh, the irony- case of childhood friends who shared the same passion for music and instead of letting it go to waste, they formed a duo together and said "now we're gonna blow you away, world!" (I just made that up, but wouldn't it be cool if they had actually said it?).

Anyway, what happened to me these days is that I appreciated this album once again, while I was listening to it as I was driving (everything has to pass the driving test: if I don't eager to listen to something when driving, it's of no actual importance for me). And the second appreciation test, gave me these favorites. 

When I listen to piano in dance tracks, I get a very intense old-skool feeling and then all my wrinkles disappear and I'm 18 again. Really.

My kinda sound, my kinda beat, my kinda everything (Hot Toddy "tickled" this one, listen here)

This one is an outsider for me. I mean, if my favorite tracks were kids, they wouldn't normally play with this one. But once they get to know it, they 'll never let it go.

tracks' info:
-Classix - Dominoes
-Classix - Supernature
-Classix - Hanging Gardens

all from the album Hanging Gardens
Innovative Leisure Records 2013

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