Sunday, March 12, 2017

Groovy pikrodafni

Truth is I'm not into traditional Greek music. I may like some pieces here and there, especially some polyphonic ones from Epirus, but I don't really have a special interest in this kind of music. "Pikrodafni", though, is one of those tunes, which I must say I loved when listening to it from a jazzy point of view by a kickass Greek group, Mode Plagal.

Up till yesterday, that was my favorite version. Until I got my hands (ears) on this groovy piece of music by another freaking talented Greek ensemble, On The Road.

Whatever shit we're into in this country, these are stuff to be proud of.

track's info:
Στης πικροδάφνης τον ανθό (traditional Greek song)

1. Mode Plagal version
2. On The Road version

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