Sunday, March 20, 2016

The subject is maggots

What happens when you dig a tune, but you are opposed to the attitude and mentality it comes along with?

I loved Gil Scott Heron's work through the years, but never appreciated -among other stuff- his homophobic poem-song "The subject was faggots" that is being used in Leon Revol's tune right here -and to tell you the truth, it kind of always oppressed my love for his talent and music, cause I like to admire a person and an artist as a whole, not just for a part of his personality that is expressed as a certain kind of talent.

But this tune has that something that lets spring in and leaves you with an old skool touch. So leavin' the "faggot" thing aside, I'm keepin' the tune and pretend it talks about maggots going to a ball.

track's info:
Leon Revol - The Subject
Kolour Recordings 2016

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