Sunday, January 10, 2016

Everything is ephemeral

New, favorite soul collective from London has made my whole damn week with soul, blues-y, funky-ish tunes with their 2 albums I've just dug out and it kind of reminds me of an older, loved one (Menahan Street Band), which I've totally forgot all about the past years. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ephemerals.

I've been sitting here quite a while, headphones on, listening to tunes from "Nothin' is Easy" and their latest "Chasin Ghosts", tryin' to figure out which one I want to share, so as to be certain that you'll get the feeling just from one tune. Couldn't make it. So there you go.

Not over yet.

If this voice really exists in this world, what the hell have been listening to all this time?

tracks' info: 
The Ephemerals

-Get out 
Chasin Ghosts
Jalapeno Records 2015

-You'll never see me cry
Chasin Ghosts
Jalapeno Records 2015

-Six days a week
Nothin is Easy
Jalapeno 2014

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