Sunday, November 01, 2015

Vintage-street situation

As I may have stated many times before in this blog -or maybe just think I have stated- I don't really like labels. I like what I hear and -in this case- what I see. Below you'll see one of the most extraordinary dance battles I've ever seen between lindy hoppers and street dancers, with each group dancin' to their own tunes and makin' a crossover attempting to dance to the opponent's music towards the end. Totally amazed by the moves, I must admit I love both groups equally.

However, as far as music is concerned -and this I've surely stated before- the street dancers kick serious ass. Among poppin' and lockin', aerials, swing outs, charleston and splits there are some awesome tunes goin' on. And I totally love, love, LOVE this one.

If only all fights and disputes were settled like this. What a wonderful world it would be.

Montreal Swing Riot 2015
Swing Dancers vs Street Dancers
Produced by Social Art Beat
Video by Alain Wong

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