Sunday, December 14, 2014

Melba reworked

69-year-old Melba must be feelin' quite thrilled and enthusiastic that in ending 2014, beginning 2015, young people still get inspired by her '70s-'80s songs and experiment on them, bringing them back to our ears and soul. This is one of the latest edits that I came accross by Moscow's Rare Cuts.

Love's comin' at ya, from the forgotten 1982, right back at ya, reworked and refreshed!

Thank you Melba for the great legacy of your music and your voice, thank you Paul Lawrence Jones III for writing this song and thank you Rare Cuts for bringing it back to my speakers.

Take a look at an older post about editing Melba here

track's info: 
Rare Cuts - Comin' at ya (RC Dub)

(original track)
Melba Moore - Love's comin' at ya
The ohter side of the rainbow
Capitol Records 1982

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