Monday, November 03, 2014

The Breakbot experience

Since I managed to survive the previous stroke and attend yesterday's party without a heart attack, I might as well tell you a few things about my Breakbot experience.

I 'll be honest: there have been Breakbot sets that have absolutely blown my mind in their full duration, track by track. Yesterday, in The Kids are Alright party, I can say that I got the chills with 3-4 tracks that have never heard before, had minor strokes with 1 or 2 awesome unknown tunes (and the fact that they still remain unknown doesn't help my condition), danced a lot, came face to face with Breakbot -and without realizing it I think I froze and goggled-, but in the end I didn't totally get that "mind blowing" feeling.

I think it's because Breakbot's set was just 1 hour and a half -or a bit longer- and during that time he had to warm up, harsh it up, disco it down, bring back the old skool, play a few hits and close down. Too many things to do, too little time. But to tell you the truth, I don't care. Mind-blowing or not, I had a great time. Breakbot can do that to you, even with the worst one of his sets. And this man's talent of incorporating producing skills into a dj set is just beyond me.

Highlights: The I'm glad that you're here track, Breakbot's intro track (see video below), Michael Jackson's Thriller track with people from the crowd dancing on stage -they should have danced like zombies though, that would be fun- and the whole nostalgic '90s part of the set with Snap, Robin S and stuff.

                                             (ok this actually was more than mind-blowing, I admit it)

 (This is the Thriller track I mentioned, but that's it, sorry. No more videos. I prefer spending the night dancing than recording...)

After Breakbot, Busy P took over. He started off well with a really dirty edit on Imagination's Illusion and a bit of disco mood, but then things got too harsh for my ears, so I didn't stick around much longer. After all, I'm like 100 and if the music can't speak to me, I get tired and hungry.

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