Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Funk yeah!

In 1975, this is what was happening on "The other side of the moon".

Funky bass, groovy beats, playful guitar, all pointing the rhythm to an atmospheric, jazzy piano tune that could make you press "repeat" an infinite amount of times, enough to make you start wondering about your sanity.

This very tune was a hit sample for rap and hip hop later on, givin' Chubb Rock something to work upon in the '90s (maybe this will help), as well as the Boogie Down Productions (this will certainly help) and Jermaine Dupri (there's no way this won't help).

The original version, however, comes from the Miracles back in 1974 with Billy Griffin in the leading vocals (listen here). Also amazing, but it's missing one important thing: the piano.

All these raise once again one very crucial question: how bad do the '70s rule, man?

track's info:
Redd Holt Unlimited - Do it baby
The Other Side of the Moon
Paula Records 1975

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