Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep it kewl

For this brand new week we have ahead of us, I'd like to share with you something fresh and upbeat to keep things going up and cool.

This is the new EP from RollAnd, a french dude with a french touch. The Diana track may remind you of this and this -which makes me love it even more- and while we're at it, check out and download for free one of my favorite older ones from RollAnd here which is a really nice take on Gwen Guthrie's "It should have been you" and definitely his point of view on Chic's "I want your love", here. God, I love this track in all its versions. That's totally impossible.

tracks' info:
-RollAnd - Bandit Mentos EP
Spincat Records 2014

-Chic - I want your love (RollAnd Remix)

-RollAnd - We love Nevers (Original love city mix)
We love Nevers EP
Eraflure Records 2013

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