Friday, April 04, 2014

Duff Disco world

First time I listened to Duff Disco ever was in a disco party in a bar in Athens, where Greg Wilson was the guest dj. What I can’t seem to remember is whether the Duff Disco track, that brought me into the Duff Disco world that night, was played by Wilson or the warm-up dj (who I can't remeber either). But I believe that is of no importance.

The track was one of those tunes that leave you standing there enjoyin' them, while you're tryin' to pinpoint the sample which you're absolutely certain you'll be able to dig outta your long-term memory if everybody and everything paused for just one sec. It was the "Return of the Duff" and -thank goodness- I almost instantly (had a little stroke first) recognized the sample from the "Return of the Mack", which I deeply loved back in school when it was released. When I got back home (or the other day probably) I googled edits on it and found the specific edit and the producer. From then on –that was about 4 or 5 years ago, which now that I think of it means that I should be concerned that I don’t remember things clearly today- I always check out this talented producer.

So I thought I’d share with you a list of tracks that Duff Disco shares with everybody who loves his music and want to download it either for free or donating whatever they want to support him and his music. Check them out people and if you have the ability to spare a few pounds on decent music, do it.

track's info:
Duff Disco - Return of the Duff
Duff Disco 2010

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