Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disco fever expanded

This week brings out the need for soothing stuff in me. Soothing, jazzy stuff. And it's nice to see that I can find what I'm looking for -can't fail in music.

New release from Natural Essence Media with the Expanded People's Disco Fever being contagious and spreading all around in several versions (find them all here). I picked the Slo Mo for today, but I'm really not sure about my favorite yet -I seem to smile the same way with almost all of them and I bet I can easily "dump" Fhernando for Manager & Afro tomorrow.

I'm not that cruel usually. Really.

track's info: 
Expanded People - Disco Fever (Fhernando's Sweet & Jazz Slo Lounge Mix)
Natural Essence 2014

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